First Grade Little Bird Tales Projects


Students in rooms 5, 6, 9 and 10 worked with their classroom teachers, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Nakamoto, Mrs Bode, and Mrs. Eppling, on a grandparent interview project. Listen to the studentsʻ kūpuna stories, and you will notice how much each child learned.These moments are precious, and captured right here for all to enjoy in their Little Bird Tales project! Maikaʻi!

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Digital Citizenship PSAs from Grade 1 SY 2013-14


Our students have been learning about being safe on the internet and cyber bullying. They are excited to show you the things they have learned in a form of a Public Service Announcements (PSA). Students used the following applications to create their PSAs: Brain Pop Jr., Photo Booth and Kid Pix.

Click here to view any first grade student PSA.


Our next project will be to make an ebook using Little Bird Tales. Here’s a tutorial in case you want to work on it at home.


3 Months in a Row! Congratulations!

Pizza-Hut-Book-Itphoto 2photo 1

We have a bunch of students who worked hard to do three Book-its in a row.

Grade K: Samantha, Cayden, Teisei, Kahiilani,

Grade 1: Jaizyon, Kainoa, Megan, Memphis, Ian, Julia, Bailey, Lauren, Keoni, Maika, Chloe, Nathaniel, Jacie, Brayden, Fay, Emily

Grade 2:Kavin, Raiden, Chase, Selah, Deuce, Deacon, Alyssa, Tate, Naiʻa

Grade 3: Pono, Zoey, Lauren, Breylin, Puahone, Zayah, Kahala, Kamalu, RJ, Ella, Kekai, Emma, Nicholas, Jordyn, Erihana

Book Adventure End of the Year Results


Grade 2…prizes will be delivered to your classroom soon. Congratulations to room 11!

Class Name Total Points Earned
room 11** 23955
room 12 15985
room 14 17240
room 15 18365

Grade 3…prizes will be delivered to your classroom soon. Congratulations to room 301!

Class Name Total Points Earned
room 301** 54785
room 302 27950
room 303 21235
room 304 33350

The Story of Ruby Bridges

Let’s make a prediction, click on the image below…


Mrs. Redona will read this book to you and give you a thinking sheet to write your thoughts, questions, predictions, big ideas, etc. If you were absent or would like to read the book again, please click the image below…

rubybookWhat did you learn? Do you have questions? Use the next page in your ebook: A Collection of Biographies on Little Bird Tales to tell me what you are thinking and feeling after reading this book.


Use this picture to upload onto your Little Bird Tales.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.17.22 AM



Digital Citizenship PSAs from Grade 3 SY 2013-14

Third grade students have been learning about being a good digital citizen from the lessons and games played to earn Digital Passport badges from Common Sense Media. At the end, they are inspired to tell everyone the important lessons they’ve learned in a form of a PSA. You can view them by clicking here or click on the images I-am-a-digital-citizen-posterTo reflect on Digital Citizenship, third grade students published an ebook using Little Bird Tales to provide feedback about the lessons from Digital Passport modules and connecting it to Hawaiian values. Click on a name below to view student’s work. <3/17 still under construction…childrenʻs work is incomplete…>

Room 301

Belle     Brensen     Breylin     Chancen     Charlize     Ella     Kahala     Kala     Kamalu     Kekai     Lauren     Micah     Miles     Pono     Puahone     RJ     Sage     Tiana     Zayah     Zoey

Room 302

Aiden      Bryson     Chasity     Dynasty     Hailey     Ikaika     Isaac     Jordyn     Kash     Kahiau     Kamanu     Kawena     Kiaʻi     Lynox      Makena     Maya     Mehana     Nadia  Priya     Sydney

Room 303

Alohilani      Bella     Brylan     Cyrus     Daniel      Emma     Isis     Kahiau      Jodi-ann      Jamin      Jayden     Kylie     Liam     Mason     Mia     Paige     Pono     Sean      Shaye     Taylor

Room 304

Aria     Damian     Erihana     Ethan     Giana      Grace     Haku      Jordyn     Kainani     Kaeliah     IIlala     Kaena     Kai Malie      Kaumana     Macyn     Nicholas     Noa     Pualii    Ryder     Vincent

Book Adventure Classroom Contest–Mid Year

Letʻs see which classroom is earning the most points from Book Adventure! Drum roll please…….the winners are students in room 11 and room 301. A special prize will be delivered to these classrooms sometime this cycle!!


Class Name Total Points Earned
room 11** 14325
room 12 14270
room 14 13560
room 15 14060
room 301** 30415
room 302 23820
room 303 17370
room 304 28930

Congratulations–Three in a Row–Book-it Readers!!!

Congratulations!!! These students kept up with doing their Book-it three months in a row: October, November, and December. A special prize will be delivered to each student this cycle!!

Grade K

Room 1

Room 2

Rom 7

Room 8

Samantha C.

Kaleb F.

Shane K.

Chace N.

Anson L.


Kainalu A.

Naia B.

Taisei B.


Grade 1

Room 5

Room 6

Room 9

Room 10


Konnor C.

Leila D.

Kellan F.

Koen I.

Elai I.

Mahealani J.

Jaizyon K.

Megan C.

Memphis K.

Kaleb K.

Shanti N.

Ian R.

Mattison T.

Calyssa V.

Chloe I.

Lauren K.

Keoni W.

Maika E.

Kiliohu G.

Chloe H.

Nathaniel H.

Jacie K.

Brayden K.

Fay N.

Emily W.

Grade 2

Room 11

Room 12

Room 14

Room 15

Riley A.

Raiden M.

Jonathan P.

Mattea S.

Krystal T.

Yuzu M.

Kala M.

Keira N.

Carly C.

Selah F.

Deacon L.

Christian T.

Tate T.

Uhiwai C.

Lyndsey M.

Makana S.

Grade 3

Room 301

Room 302

Room 303

Room 304

Zoey B.

Charlize C.

Miles D.

Zayah K.

Chancen L.


Ella T.

Ikaika A.

Lynox K.

Kamanu M.

Nadia N.

Maya P.

Isaac T.

Priya Z.

Jayden B.

Shaye K.

Pono K.

Liam M.

Kylie P.

Bella S.

Alohilani T.

Emma W.

Nicholas A.

Illala C.

Aria C.

Gianna C.

Kainani J.

Kaeliah K.

Jordyn N.

Ryeder P.

Erihana V.

Pualii Z.