Wonderful Weather Unit for 2nd Grade Students

Mrs. Redona and Mrs. Kutsunai along with second grade classroom teachers will team up to do a Weather Unit!  Students in second grade will use a special journal to show what they know about about weather. Students will use observation skills, and use primary and secondary resources to complete the special weather journal. During library visits, students will focus on using a variety of resources such as newspapers, encyclopedias, internet sources, etc. With newspapers, students learn to identify a headline, author of the news article, table of contents of a newspaper, etc. They especially get to know weather section. During science visits, students will focus on learning how to make good observations using weather tools just like meteorologists.

logo_noaaLet’s get going with your weather journals, use a variety of resources and use your senses for good observations! Remember to use the resource assigned for each topic. Don’t forget to do your homework in a timely manner, and do not wait for the last minute or it will be difficult for you to catch up.

If you need another copy of your weather journal, simply click the journal you need from below. It will download onto your computer, and you will need Microsoft Word to open the document.

Temperature Weather Journal

Sunrise and Sunset Weather Journal

Clouds Weather Journal

Wind Weather Journal

Precipitation Weather Journal

Free Choice Topic Weather Journal

Primary and Secondary Sources Source Set

If you didn’t get it the first time in my lesson, maybe this video will help you understand primary and secondary sources. Click the play button below to watch the video below. Remember to take notes using a t-chart!

Remember to take notes using a t-chart! Click here to download your T-chart!

Primary and Secondary Sources Video

 Temperature Source Set / Resource Focus: TV Newscast!

Learn more about temperature! Click here!

Watch a Weather Reporter from Hawaii News Now do a weather forecast! Click Here!

Clouds Source Set / Resource Focus: Non-Fiction Text

Find a non-fiction book using OPAC! Click Here!

time lapse photography video


Check out how this cloud is formed video!


Listen to a weather expert from NASA as he explains why clouds are important to learn about! Click here!

Wind Source Set / Resource Focus: Internet

Wind Website from Weather Wiz Kids

winds at 74 mph = hurricane…check out these clips from different hurricanes…

Hurricane Destruction Video

:) Tell me how you’re doing with the weather journal by clicking “comments” below. You can ask me questions or just tell me what is happening with your weather journal. Please make sure you ask your parents before blogging a comment.