Hāweo Awardees Honored at Lunch

September 6th, 2012 by masaquin

Our first trimester Hawaiian value is, Hōʻihi, to be respectful at all times in school at home and in the community.  Each month teachers select 2 students who went above and beyond in demonstrating this Hawaiian value and they are honored at our Hāweo (to honor or celebrate) luncheon.  Parents and ʻohana are invited to attend and have lunch with their awardees.  Everyone sits on the stage in the dining hall and the students are recognized by name at lunch.

K-2 Awardees

3rd-5th Grade Awardees

Proud parents and ʻohana taking pictures of the awardees.

Students, parents & ʻohana enjoying lunch on the stage. Po’okula Stender joined us as well.

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Blogging on Main Site

September 27th, 2010 by masaquin

In case you are wondering why there were no updates on my blog…that’s because I am posting all the latest activities at our kula on the main blog site!  Kumu Iaea-Honda and myself are trying to update the blog weekly if not more.  Check it out when you can!!!!

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Morning Oli & Pule

August 19th, 2010 by masaquin

Morning oli 8-18-10 002
Every morning, as part of our protocol, students in grades K-5, along with faculty and staff, begin the day with a pule and oli. A student will start the day by saying a pule and then has the kuleana of doing the kahea, or call to commence the oli. The students will begin with “Ku Mai Au” and oli komo, or asking permission to enter school. The faculty and staff will then answer with their “Oli Kahea”, which invites the students to come in (to school) and that love abides in this dwelling. Then, in unison, both the students, faculty and staff sing “Ua Ao Hawai`i” an inspiration chant written by Larry Kimura asking for wisdom and knowledge for the days activities. We face the east, as the sun rises from Kumukahi, which signifies a new day of enlightenment and knowlege for the Hawaiian people.

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Welcome Back to Kula Ha`aha`a!

August 19th, 2010 by masaquin

Students & `Ohana were greeted by Shrek and his loyal “sidekick” Donkey on the first day of school! Keiki giggled and waved as parents & `ohana were in awe.

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April Highlights

April 16th, 2010 by masaquin

Check out the link for April Highlights at Kula Ha`aha`a!

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Hearts Galore!

February 10th, 2010 by masaquin

Kindness is contagious month 001

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February is “Kindness is Contagious at Kula Ha’aha’a” Month

February 9th, 2010 by masaquin

Aha 'Opio (Student Council) has deemed the month of February as "Kindness is Contagious at Kula Ha'aha'a". Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to "catch" someone being kind to another and note their names and act on blank pink hearts available in all classrooms. The goal was to fill a large red heart with little pink ones. Well, after 2 days, the red heart was completely filled and you can find over a hundred pink hearts with examples of kindness displayed on the Elementary administration building.

'Aha 'Opio also invites all students, faculty and staff to wear their favorite Valentine's Day color – red, pink or white shirts, shorts and pants on Friday, Feb. 12th. See the flyer sent home for more details or ask your kumu for further clarification.

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November Highlights!

November 10th, 2009 by masaquin


Check out our November highlights at Kula Ha’aha’a. Go to the link below:
November highlights

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November 9th, 2009 by masaquin


To learn and to teach: Let us grow, learn and share together

Would you like to reconnect with your roots and share the Hawaiian culture with your ‘ohana?  Join us in an online enrichment program for adults interested in the Hawaiian culture and language.  Visit http://ksdl.ksbe.edu to learn more about the incredible world of distance learning!

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Aloha mai kākou!

November 9th, 2009 by masaquin

KSH Varsity Football Seniors Having Lunch with Kula Ha’aha’aSr. Varsity Football at lunch 2009 014

Welcome to YOUR Kula Ha‘aha‘a Parent & ‘Ohana blogsite!  Keeping up with tech world of information accessibility, this blog will be another method of receiving the latest updates and activities that our going on in our kula.  Your comments and mana‘o will be truly appreciated!

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