More Photo Party Pics

Mahalo, Mr. Kamisato, for these pics. You did a wonderful job!

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6 Responses to More Photo Party Pics

  1. cydebus says:

    Party down team 3B. Love the pics!!!
    You are going to have a GRRRREAT year!
    Love you lots,
    Mrs. Debus

  2. Apigo ‘Ohana says:

    What another bunch of awesome pics!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ka 'ohana Otake says:

    Mahalo e ka Papa ‘Ekolu for welcoming us with aloha!

  4. Malani 'ohana says:

    What a fun video, Mahalo!

  5. Isabella says:

    That photo party was awesome and thank you Ms. Manlingus and Ms. Everett

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