A Visit From Dara

What a wonderful day it was today! 3B finally had all of their team members present when Dara came to visit us in school. We actually got together with 3A and did a class activity called “Popcorn”. Dara went out to recess, had lunch with her classmates and even attended Music class. Everyone had a smile on their face as they hugged their wonderful friend that they’ve missed so dearly. We look forward to her return to school in September.

Take care, Dara! We love you!










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Visit Mrs. Debus’s Blog

Please visit Mrs. Debus’s blog to see a video of Team 3B playing the recorder in Music class. You sound great, keiki!


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Pilina Activity

Last Friday Papa ‘Ekolu and their ‘ohana got together in the afternoon to fellowship with each other. Everyone had a grand time taking photos with iPods and dressing up with costumes and props just for the fun of it. Mr. Kamisato from the middle school did some of his own picture taking as well. The pics in this video are the ones the keiki took. We’ll share the ones from Mr. Kamisato at a later date.

Mahalo to those that could join us for this exciting event. If you didn’t make it, no worries! There will be more opportunities for all of us to get together.

Photo Pa'ina from KSH Kula Ha'aha'a on Vimeo.

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Team 3B

Welcome to a new school year! Team 3B got off to a great start on this first day of school. We welcomed Damien back after a year on the mainland and also welcomed a newcomer to our kula… Cadence! One of our team members, Dara, will be out for a short while, but she is definitely returning soon. Here’s a short video to share with her our first day and to tell her how much we love her! This one is for you, Dara!

*Mahalo Mrs. Debus for creating this song on such short notice. Great job, Team 3B!!!

Papa 'Ekolu 3B from KSH Kula Ha'aha'a on Vimeo.

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100 Club

Congratulations to these awesome students who made into the 100 Club! These members have mastered their multiplication facts 0-9. What an awesome feat!


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Congratulation, Blaze and Michael!

We are proud of our two keiki kāne from Papa ‘Ekolu, 3B for consistently displaying Kūpono behavior in school. Blaze and Michael were honored yesterday at a special luncheon for their honest, decent behavior. Mahalo to their moms for joining in on the celebration. Yay, Blaze and Michael!




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Mystery Skype

It was an exciting morning as we met up with another Third Grade class via Skype! Both classes took turns asking yes or no questions to help identify their mystery locations. This provided our kids with a great review of the United States geography as well as knowledge about another state thousands of miles away. Questions like, “Does your state border the ocean? Does your state have plains?” helped us narrow the location down to the state of IOWA! Thank you, Ms. Richardson for setting up this Skype session for us. We learned a lot in just 20 minutes!





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Hooray for Braelyn and Kaelum!

Congratulation to our two awesome students from 3B, Braelyn and Kaelum, for demonstrating Kūpono in school at all times. These students were recognized at the Hāweo Luncheon today along with students from other classrooms that display honest, decent and appropriate behavior. You are great role models for your peers. Keep up the great behavior!

Mahalo to Braelyn and Kaelum’s ʻohana for joining us at this celebration. You must be proud of these outstanding keiki!



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May Day is Lei Day

Aloha! Happy May Day! Tomorrow our kula ha’aha’a celebrates May Day with its annual program. “E Kū Kanaka, E Kū Haʻaheo”- Stand Proud and Tall as a Hawaiian. Rain or shine the program will go on. The program has been relocated to the Middle School Gym (Laʻamea Gym). We look forward to seeing all of our ʻohana and friends at this joyful event full of mele and hula.

As a reminder, all students are to wear aloha attire. Boys, don’t forget to wear your uniform shorts with an aloha shirt. Girls, please wear an appropriate muʻumuʻu. Everyone may wear slippers to school. In addition, girls, put your hair into a bun, if possible. Otherwise, pull your hair up and away from your face. Tomorrow morning I will be distributing hairpieces to place in your hair. Bring bobby pins, if you have them.

See you all soon ~ Ms. Manliguis

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.00.07 PM

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Moving Forward with Technology

Our Hawai’i Campus hosted a Tech Slam last week that offered a variety of sessions to learn more about the use of technology in the classroom. I chose to attend a session on Google forms presented by Marc and Kimble, IT specialists from Honolulu. I was so thrilled to walk away with new skills to enhance my teaching in the classroom.

One of the things I learned to do in Google was to create forms. I was able to make a reading log form and then post it to my class blog for students to access. On Monday, I put aside our student reading folders and required my haumana to log their reading on the blog. We encountered several road blocks that first night, but I was so proud of my students for problem solving their troubles. Some students used their critical thinking skills to get their assignment completed, even though they had trouble with accessing my form. I was able to contact my network of technology friends and the problem was solved by noon the next day.

Using this online tool has helped me to be more efficient in my teaching. With the Google form I created, I am able to instantly access my students’ information on their daily reading. I save time and energy reviewing individual folders because Google gives me a quick summary of my student responses in a spreadsheet. I am so thrilled to have learned how to do this!

Mahalo to all who helped me in this learning process: Marc and Kimball, Kumu Kanani and her friends at the Kapālama campus- Ruby and Nozomi,and Ms. Richardson, too! How blessed I am to have so many people to help me in my time of need! How wonderful it is to continue to be a learner!

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Easter Survey

Aloha e Nā Keiki! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and an awesome Easter. Last week I learned how to create forms in Google, so I’m going to share the first one I created with you. Please click HERE.

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