Holo Holo at Loko Ea


Do you think Loko Ea is special? Why is it important to mälama Loko Ea? What was your favorite part of the day?

If you would like to go back to Loko Ea with your `ohana on the third Saturday of the month, please visit the North Shore Plan link on our blogroll. Under announcements click on “monthly fishpond workdays.” You can also find directions there too!

9 thoughts on “Holo Holo at Loko Ea”

  1. I think LOKO EA is a special place. Because they are trying to help the envierment. Because they want to grow crops. To help us when we are shipping things. So if something happens we have food and water. My highlight of the day was when I had to carry the pile of Calaforina grass that was bigger than me.

  2. I think Loko Ea is special. I think that because it is where Hawaiians planted,fished and basically survived. I also think it was special because of the Amakua that protected it. It is important to take care of the place because it is totally sacred. Like I said people needed that place to SURVIVE. Theeir whole life depended on that fish pond.

  3. My favoriet part about loko ea was when me and sasha went fishing together because me and sasha never gave up trying to catch a fish! After that Me and sasha congratilated each other and saying good team work and even though we didn’t catch a fish at least we had fun!

  4. Loko Ea was the best !
    My favorite part was fishing at the end, they said to choose a partner so Anela and I were partners. Anela and I caught 2 Talapia’s (fish). And some people ate little fish in the keiki pond.

  5. My favorite part of Loko Ea is when me and Sean went fishing because we got to put bait on the fishing rood and got to see the fish bite on the bread. Also see Mana was very cool. I loved every part of it. Loko Ea Rocks!

  6. I think Loko E’a is important because Queen Liliuokalani used to visit there. I think it is important to malama Loko E’a because if the things we need from the mainland don
    t get here we can get what ever we need from there. My favorite part of the day was when we went fishing. Jolei and I were partners. We caught 2 talapias.

  7. Because queen liliokalani visited it almost everyday because she had a summer house there. My favorite part of the field trip was fishing with the bamboo rods. Me and Trent were trying to put the bread on the hook but when it went in the water it fell off.

  8. Aloha Keiki
    Wow I was looking aroud doing research for our up coming work day and I found this site. Its nice to hear that you all enjoyed you time with us we enjoyed the day with all of you MAHALO NUI LOA COME AGAIN

  9. My favorite part at loko Ea fish pond is when I got to eat a fish. the fish didn’t tast like anything. Befor the field trip ended we went fishing my partner was noelani. we started fishing we waited a long time but we didn’t catch a fish and the time of fishing was up and we didn’t catch a fish. I said at least we tryed.It was really fun we got to step in the stinky mud even randi wanted to vomite.:) 🙂

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