Guidance Class 



  • Stacey Makanui (A-G) 842-8572
  • Kimo Saito (H-M) 843-3469
  • Trent Koide (N-Z) 842-8484
  • Corinne Matsumoto (Outreach)  843-3470
  • Udella Auyoung (Outreach)  842-8120
  • Monica Rista, Office Receptionist 842-8569

*last five digits of the phone number make up the individual’s extension number

Location:   Ka’ōleiokū Building, Guidance Classroom, 1st Floor Rm 107

Themes: Academic • Personal/Social • Planning for the future/Career • Registration

Meeting times:

  • 8- Alpha Day Rotation
  • Classes run for a duration of 60/75 minutes per class
  • Counselors will be meeting with 1 Cohort/Grade-Level per day
  • There will be approximately 18 Alpha-Day Rotations

Objectives: Through guidance classes, we assist our students’ academic, social, and career growth.  The individual guidance units are set up to foster the exploration of each student’s unique individual strengths. Awareness of individual strengths can raise their intrinsic motivation, promote healthy relationships, and assist in planning for their future.

WEO Focus: ‘Ike nō i ka lā o ka ‘ike; mana nō i ka lā o ka mana – Know in the day of knowing; mana in the day of mana. Adapt successfully to various kulana.

Expectations: Students are expected to attend regularly, participate in course activities, and broaden the application of skills beyond the school environment.

Lessons: Guidance classes follow the standards of the American School Counselor Association.The guidance units are based on both:

The Tribes Agreements

  • Mutual Respect
  • Attentive Listening
  • Show Appreciation
  • No Putdowns
  • Right to Pass/Participate

Ke Ala Pono Values

  • Malama: to care for, persevere
  • Kuleana: responsibility
  • Ho’ihi: respect

Assessment and Evaluation: Successful participation and completion of self-development skills

  1. Demonstration of effective communication skills, oral and written, through course activities
  2. Development of four-year plan with appropriate course selection, aligned with career goals