Aloha e Nā Haumāna,

Our school year is quickly coming to an end and “beach days’ will begin! It is time to read a book or two or three. Your English teachers want your Summer Reading experience to:

• Celebrate reading
• Create a culture of reading
• Offer choice

So that you don’t hear Meghan Trainor singing, “No Excuses,” at the end of the summer, here are a couple of thoughts about the book to choose:

Freshmen and sophomores, there is a list of a top 100+ suggested books on our department webpage:; choose any book from among this list.

Juniors and seniors, you may choose ANY book of interest excluding:

o Those books that engage in inappropriate topics; please don’t embarrass your kumu and our school [NO Fifty Shades Freed]

And for those of you who are struggling to find a book, pick one of the top five favorite books of your kumu—see our lists under our faculty pictures. Check out our department webpage:

Try getting your reading out of the way early! Here are five possible ways to complete your requirement before moving on to your next book:

1. Write a letter back to the author expressing your opinions (“Rocked it” and/or “Hated it”) about the book they wrote.

2. Write a short story explaining where you think the main character would be in 10 years.

3. Choose two people or characters from two different novels (read during the summer) that you think would be great friends and explain why.

4. If you choose to read a book that is also a movie, compare and contrast the book TO the movie. Ready Player One was a book first—you decide if the book beats the movie.

5. If you would prefer to wait until school starts, your kumu will provide an opportunity for you to share all about your chosen book.

Have a fantastic summer!!!

Kumu Ka`imipono Kaiwi
English Department Head


*NOTE: Our Honors English program has not changed, since the Summer Reading is incorporated into the school year course. See our department webpage


English 9 / English 10

Honors English 9 / Honors English 9 HPWL

Honors English 10 / Honors English 10 HPWL

Honors English 11 / Honors English 11 HPWL

AP English 11 Language and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Slagel)

AP English 12 Literature and Composition: Comparative (Kumu Kaiwi)





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