Office Information


Po’o Kumu: Ms. Deede Santiago

K-1 Hope Po’o Kumu: Mrs. Kehau Akiona

Grd 2-4 Hope Po’o Kumu:  Mr. Keola Silva

Grade 5-6 Hope Po’o Kumu:  Mrs. Chendra Kauahikaua

Curriculum Specialist: Mrs. Tess Antone

Student Activities Coordinator:  Mrs. Patricia Yonehiro

Georgette Kala (Grades 1, 2)
Ryder Maeda (Grades 3, 4)
Wayne Santos (Grades K, 5, 6)
Keawe Kalama (Outreach)

Phone Numbers:
KES Office – 842-8383
KES Fax – 842-4760
Dispensary – 842-8606
Attendance Line (24hr.) 842-8384

KES Office Hours:
6:30 am to 5:15 pm
Address: 225 Bishop Circle, Honolulu, HI 96817

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