2019 Roll-In


They end of the year is here and as you dream of finals, vacation, or summer school we have a few reminders about returning your Kamehameha Schools MacBook Air.

Roll-in begins May 20 through May 22, 2019 in Bishop 100 (Grades 9/10) and Konia 108/109 (Grades 11/12). Please make sure you have all your accessories and, just as importantly, make sure you copy your important data elsewhere.

For those of you who are attending an approved summer program you may hold on to your device until that program concludes. An approved summer program means either an approved summer school course or you received an approval letter from the Principal’s office giving you permission to use your device over the Summer. We ask that you promptly return your device when your program concludes. For a list of approved summer courses, please see below.

Mahalo and we wish you the best on your finals.

Ke Ko’i Lipi Staff

Roll-Out 2018 FAQs


We have been receiving a few of your questions regarding roll-out and have entered here a few of the more common ones we have received. Please check back as will update when needed.



I missed roll-out, when can I pick-up my computer?

We have sessions on Monday already posted to our reschedule site. Please keep checking for more session that will be made available next week.

I still have my laptop for last school year, when can I turn in?

Please turn in your assigned computer by Monday, August 6, 2018 between 8AM and Noon to the Midkiff PRC.

When is boarder roll-out?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 2:30 PM All New Invitee
2:30 PM 2022 Returning
Wednesday, August 8, 2018 3:10 PM 2020
Thursday, August 9, 2018 3:10 PM 2021
Friday, August 10, 2018 3:10 PM 2019

I’m not able to complete my training online (Parent or Student). How can I get this requirement done?

Please be sure that you are not attempting to complete the training using any kind of mobile device. A full, up-to-date, desktop browser should be used. We have found that Chrome is the most reliable.

Do parents need to complete the training session for each student?

No, parents can complete one form for all students attending high school at Kapālama. The form becomes available at the end of the training module once a campus is selected.

My training status on the KSConnect does not show I’ve completed the training despite submitting the google attestation form. How do I know you received it?

Each form entry has to be manually entered into our central student record. From there, KSConnect is updated the next day. These dates were recently reset and we are working to enter all completed forms we received. We humbly ask for your patience as we get these dates entered.

I’m a student and I attended summer school, do I need to re-do training?

It depends. If you are in the class of 2022 and you just received your computer this past summer, you will not need to complete the training again. This also goes for the parents of the class of 2022 who have completed the parent training for summer school. If you are a student in grades 10-12 you will have to complete training again this year.

I attended summer school, do I have to turn in my computer or can I hold on to it until the school year starts?

Only freshmen may hold onto their laptops. All other students must return their computers by July 20, 2018.

My student will not be here during the roll-out sessions or the currently available make-up dates. When can they get their assigned device?

If you are off-island and not a boarder your student should report to their nearest Print and Repair Center the first week of school. Sessions will be available and they will likely be after school.

After school sessions are intended for our boarders and will be very crowded. Students will likely miss their bus so please make other transportation arrangements once a date is confirmed after student reports to their Print and repair center.

Where can I get more information

Right here! We ask that you check our blog at blogs.ksbe.edu/kekoilipi for the most up to date information.

Why do I have to use a sleeve and a hardshell (both provided)?

To be the best possible stewards of our resources, Kamehameha Schools ITD and Kapālama High School Administration have selected cases that are both slim and offer substantial protection against damage. When a student does not use the assigned protective gear, damage rates go up and are more severe.

Why no pictures/other items under the hard shell?

When the hard shell is removed incorrectly it is likely to start small fractures in the plastic that grow. Please resist the temptation to place anything under the hard shell.

Summer School Student Training

Please use this link to navigate to the summer school student training module. 

– This training is no longer recording completion. For Kapālama High School training please go to ks.blackboard.com to complete training for the 2017-18 school year.

Once you navigate to the above page, select the button that looks like this:

Log-in like you would your KS email account with your @imua.ksbe.edu log-in credentials.

Once logged in, select Student Internet Safety Training to complete your training requirement.


* If you have difficulty logging into Blackboard please see these instructions.

Summer School Roll-Out


Kamehameha Schools Kapālama High School will be rolling-out devices to incoming freshmen, new  invitees, and other students who were not enrolled in the 2016-17 school year on June 8-9, 2017 for summer school use. Please see the attached Summer School Roll-Out Flyer for details. As a reminder, only certain classes are using KHS devices over the summer. Please contact the summer school office, at 842-8765, if you have questions about whether your class is one of these classes.

You can also reschedule your assigned time using this link.

All students picking up their assigned KS device are required to complete an online training module before being permitted to take the device home. You can get a jump start by clicking here. This link is for summer school only.


Ke Koʻi Lipi Staff

Roll-In 2017 Information

Aloha e nā ʻohana,


Students who are actively enrolled in an approved Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Summer School course listed below will be permitted to hold on to their MacBook Air laptops until the final week of summer school, ending Friday, July 21, 2017. Those who are enrolled in an approved course should NOT turn in their laptops during the week of finals, May 23-25, 2017. 


If you withdraw from an approved course, you will be required to turn in your assigned MacBook Air immediately or be charged accordingly.


Boarders: if you are enrolled in an approved summer school course, you may hold on to your computer until you return to the Kapālama Campus in the fall. You are required to turn in your computer as soon as possible upon return, so that it can be prepared for the regular school year. It may take up to a week to prepare the laptop, therefore, we urge you to turn your computer in as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.
The following is the list of approved summer school courses. If you are NOT actively enrolled in any of these courses, you are required to return your laptop during finals week.
KS00932 Advanced Speech Communication
KS01161 Biology
KS09911 Chemistry
KS09996 Coding and App Development
KS09910 Concepts in Chemistry
KS00916 Conceptual Physics
KS02411 Dual Credit Advanced Speech
KS03226 Dual Credit Economics
KS03246 Dual Credit Hawaiians
KS09955 Economics w/Financial Literacy Online
KS09992 Economics Honor’s Online
KS00970 Economics
KS00972 Hawaiian Culture
KS00974 Hawaiian History (Kapālama, West Hawaii)
KS09683 Medical Problem Solving JABSOM
KS00958 Personal Health
KS00930 Speech Communication (Kapālama, Kauai)
KS00976 U.S. History 
KS00978 World History (Kapālama, Molokai, Kauai & Global Connections)
For Ke Ko’i Lipi questions (e.g. roll-in/out, etc) please stop by your Print & Repair Center or call 842-8950 (Grades 11/12) or 843-3505 (Grades 9/10).


For Summer School questions (e.g. approved classes, etc) please call 842-8765.
**For students who are enrolled in a non-KS Summer School course (i.e. BYU online) and would like to keep their laptop for the summer, please see your grade level counselor for the Ke Koʻi Lipi request form.**

2017 RollIn Poster

Boarders & Make-up Sessions

Aloha Boarders,

We have your MacBook Air roll-out schedule! It is as follows:

2020 New Students   Tuesday, August 9, 2016 @ 2:45 PM

2020 Returning Students  Tuesday, August 9, 2016 @ 3:35 PM

2017 All Students  Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ 2:45 PM

2018 All Students  Thursday, August 11, 2016 @ 2:45 PM

2019 All Students  Friday, August 12, 2016 @ 2:45 PM

All sessions will be held in Midkiff Learning Center.

New students, for all grades must, attend a 1 hour 30 minute session. Returning students expect to take about 45 minutes. What is a new student you ask? If you were not enrolled in Kamehameha Schools at the end of the 2015-16 school year.

You must be on time! Students who are late may be turned away. Please make other travel arrangements if you use school transportation.

Students who missed their training day August 1-4, 2016 may reschedule using the link provided.


Ke Koʻi Lipi Staff

2016 MacBook Air Roll-Out


The new school year is almost upon us which means the time is approaching for you to receive your KS issued MacBook Air. Here is this year’s Roll Out Flyer containing your assigned roll-out session.

Remember, this is a training session not just a “pick-up.” For returning students we have some important housekeeping information for you (approx. 45 min). New students and returning students who were not here at the end of last school year are required to attend an in person training session ( approx. 1 hours 30 min).

Boarders: You will receive your computer the first week of school, after school, on assigned days. More information will be posted here on which day you should report to Midkiff Learning Center to attend your assigned MacBook Air information session.

If you need to reschedule your assigned session please use this link. More sessions will be made available, on a limited basis, the first week of school. Please check back here for updates.


Ke Ko’i Lipi Staff


2016 Roll-in and Summer Session


Next week marks the end of the 2015-16 school year and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of your responsibilities in returning your KS issued technology.

Beginning May 24, 2016 you may turn your computer and all accessories to Bishop 100 (Grades 9-10) and Konia 108/109 (Grades 11-12) starting at 7:30 AM. You must return all items in clean and working condition. Any damage or missing items may result in charges to you student account. Please see our 2016 RollInPoster for more details.

Please don’t wait until the last minute as lines will be long on the last day.

Summer School Students: If you are enrolled in Kamehameha Schools Summer, and taking an approved class using MacBook Airs, you may hold onto your laptop until the end of the summer school session. You will need to turn in you computer by July 22, 2016 to avoid charges. To verify that you are enrolled in an approved course please contact summer school at 842-8765.

For incoming freshmen students attending summer school, please our Summer School Roll-Out Flyer 2016 for more information about how to get your computer for the summer session.


If you have any questions please feel free to stop by any Print & Repair Center.


Ke Ko’i Lipi Staff

Update 5/20/16: Here is a list of approved KS Summer School courses:

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