Ha’awina Pili Home for Fall Break

Aloha e nā Haumāna:

Homework: Go to the following link and click on the following areas:

Go to Kanaka
Look at video Ho’okele and answer the following 3 questions

‘O wai kona inoa?
Nohea mai ‘oia?
He aha ka mana’o nui?

Go to Ka hikina:
Go to Mo’okūauhau and answer the same questions

Go to Akua:
Go to Heiau and answer the same questions

Go to Honua:
Go to Maui link and answer the same questions

Go to the link: Kaiwakīloumoku

Go to Kaleināmanu
and to Moʻolelo nūpepa Hawaiʻi
Look at story Lawaiʻa Puhi

Develop 25 new words on Lawaiʻa Puhi and have them ready on your return.

Please have all items:
Video links
Newspaper words ready in your composition books before next class.

Access new links to assist you in Hawaiian Language and culture classes

Aloha e nā haumāna,

On your break this fall please take a look at the newest link provided by Kumu Kapono’ai to assist you in your work over the break. Quizlet is available to you on Nā Kai ‘Ewalu Mokuna 5. Take a look at the web page to assist you in learning your words and phrases. Have a great break and will see you when you return.

aloha a hui hou,
Kumu Kapono’ai

Papa ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Updates 2.11.13

Papa ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Updates: 2.11.13

All classes: REVIEW ALL Haʻi ʻŌlelo 1-3. This will be part of your midterm coming up next week.

Mid Term will be the week of 2.18.13-2.22.13
Will cover all Vocabulary Words in all Four Chapters
All Ha’i ʻŌlelo in Mokuna 1-3
Nā Analula:
Ka pepeke henua
Ka ‘ami piko ʻo & ka ʻami hea e
Ka pepeke painu
Ke kāhulu
A me & a
Ka pepeke ‘aike he & ka pepeke ‘aike ʻo
Kēnā, Kēlā, kēia

Mahalo a nui- Kumu Kapono’ai

Mid Term Tests Next Week

Aloha e nā haumāna ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi,

Next week ends our First quarter for Hawaiian Language and you will have a mid-term that will cover the following:

Mokuna 1-2 of Puke Nā Kai ʻEwalu
All Hawaiian Vocabulary words learned in those chapters
All Analula; Hawaiian Sentence structures covered in these chapters
Orals found in these two chapters
Numbers covered over the past 2 weeks.

Please make sure you cover these items over the course of this week into next. Grades will be posted at the end of Thursday 9/27/12 to end your first quarter grade.

Note: If you are signing up for after school, please note that Wednesday 9/19/12 is the day for after school tutoring. Please sign up during snack in the morning or you will not be allowed to come into tutoring on Wednesday.

Hawaiian Language Grade 8

Course objective
Our Hawaiian Language class this semester will focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, and dictation of Hawaiian Language through lessons covering the following:
Ka pepeke henua: Locational sentences
Ka & Ke : “The”
Ka pepeke painu: Describing certain quality or trait and describing particular actions
Ke Kāhulu: Descriptive words
Kēnā me kēlā: Understanding the difference between kena and kela
Ka pepeke ‘aike he and ka pepeke ‘aike ‘o: Sentences used to tell what something is, what someone is, or who someone is.
Launa: Having the ability to begin a conversation with the introduction of yourself, family, area of residence, age, interests.
Haʻi ʻŌlelo: Oral speeches will be part of daily class participation and will be highly emphasized and utilized as our language is a spoken language and will be used as such.
Puke ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

We will be utilizing Nā Kai ʻEwalu written by Kauanoe Kamanā and William H. Wilson. This book has 10 chapters that will be covering topics stated above. Vocabulary words will be given each week and will be required to learn. Make sure that you have your book daily for class as this will be your copy for the entire semester and will be utilized daily for classroom assignments, oral speeches, and homework. Failure to bring your book to class will result in a deduction of classroom participation points.
Grading System
Coursework will be weighted as follows:
1. Quizzes 20%
2. Final Exam 25%
3. Oral Speeches 25%
4. Class Participation 20%
5. Attendance 10%
There will be weekly quizzes. Quizzes will relate to current and previous topics. A quiz may be given at any time during the class period-immediately after a lecture, at the beginning or end of class, etc. There will be no make-up quizzes unless you have an excused absence (you will have 3 days to make up your quiz) and quizzes will only be given to those students when quizzes are passed out. Weekly quizzes can also include oral quizzes in front of the class. Quizzes are weighted at 20% of your total grade. Oral quizzes are also 25% of your total grade.
Final Exam
Final Exam will be comprehensive and filled with subject topics covered over the semester. This final exam will also include an oral speech. Your final exam is weighted at 25% of your total grade.

Attendance will be monitored daily and you will be expected to be on time in class. Attendance will be taken at time of Oli Kāhea to enter into class. Tardiness is not tolerated. Students are expected to be punctual, which means they must be in the classroom ready to learn and that starts at the Oli Kāhea. If you are tardy, you are expected to do the Oli Kāhea outside before being allowed into class. Failure to do Oli Kāhea will result in student not being allowed into class. Attendance is 10% of your grade.

Classroom Rules of Conduct
• Kumu Kaponoʻai will expect full participation and respect at all times during class periods. Failure to abide by this will result in student being excused from class and seated outside.
• No phones are allowed in classroom at all. Phones must be left outside or they will be confiscated and given to the Vice Principal where you may pick up at a later time.
• No food, beverages, candy whether opened or not.
• Students must come prepared with handout materials, your books, own pencil, pens, and paper. Failure to have your own material and supplies for class will result in point deductions for classroom participation.