About hemahelo

Herb Mahelona is a graduate of Kamehameha Schools (Kapalama) and the University of Hawaii at M?noa and an alumnus of the Hawaii Youth Symphony. He plays cello in the Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra, the University of Hawaii - Hilo Symphony, and performs often with the Kona Music Society, and teaches cello privately. He is also the director of the Kamehameha Schools Alumni Chorus, Mamalahoa Chapter.

Year End Reflection (stop groaning NOW!)

Yes, you have to.  500 words if you want an A.

Great job on Saturday for those of you who could make it.  Iʻm sure Kayla and Kaila appreciate your participation.  Instead of doing three reflection, do ONE that covers the three performances we had this past week (UHH concert, Performing Arts Week, Senior Recital).  Answer the following questions, and evaluate each performance:  What went well for each one? What didnʻt go well? How did you think we did (as a group for the big concert, and how YOU did for Wednesday night)? How do you think the other performers did?  Which performance did you think was the most successful?  Which did you like the best?  Any suggestions for future performances?

When you are finished, go to this link and watch the videos: what does opera singing sound like?


We will discuss this later in class.  After you finish your reflections, you may study for other classes.


Hōʻike reflection time!

hoike 2013a

Congratulations on a successful Hōʻike. There have been so many positive — VERY positive comments, and concert glee played a MAJOR role in making it happen. I hope you all feel good about what you accomplished.

Please write a 400 word reflection on the experience. Answer the questions with complete sentences. What are your thoughts on the process of learning and producing an opera, how difficult was learning all of the music? how do you think concert glee did on their parts? How did the lead singers, dancers, band, costumers, makeup artists, set designers, lighting and sound technicians, student helpers, etc. contribute to the overall success of the show? What did you like about the hōʻike? What do you think went well? What do you think could have been better? How can we make next yearʻs Hōʻike better? And lastly, what do you think the purpose of Hōʻike should be for our school, and what do you think is the best way to accomplish that?

Respond here, or email me and attach a word document.


hoike 2013b

County Inauguration Ceremony Reflection

Congratulations on another successful performance. I think you all represented yourselves and the school well at the inauguration. There were many unknowns about this performance that we did not know for sure until we got there, but you guys did what you had to do. I hope you appreciate that you performed for ALL of our current county officials and their invited guests. It was a big deal.

Comment below about what the experience meant to you and how you felt about the overall experience. How do you think we did?  Would you like to do more community performances? Any suggestions for performance venues?

Christmas Concert Reflection

Congratulations on a successful Christmas Concert!  I got many positive comments from audience members specifically on the choir performance — which they enjoyed.  Please comment below on the following:

1)  How much work did it take to make the performance successful?

2)  What did you learn from this experience?

3)  What would you do differently for the next performance?

4)  Share any thoughts and comments from friends/family that attended the concert?

5)  Any suggestions for next yearʻs Christmas Concert?

6)  What was your favorite part of the concert?