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Importing from Flip Cam to iMovie


Welcome to the ETS Flip Cam Quick Tip. Here you will find all the supporting docs and media to help you get up and running with importing FlipCam Files to iMovie.

For a copy of the Flip Cam Hand out Please check out this link
Flip _Video_Training.pdf

Here’s a quicktime movie to review how to import Flip Cam files into iMovie

Here’s a review of the FlipCam Presentation Given on Aug, 8 2008FlipCam.m4v

Online Magazine Cover Generators

Want to create magazine covers but don’t have much skill in Photoshop? Check out these cool, free, online image generators!

fd’s Flickr Toys
Choose from a range of magazine cover layouts on this site.
Person of the Year Cover Creator
Create a “TIME Person of the Year” magazine cover on this site.
National Geographic, Time, or Business Today magazine covers can be generate on this site.
Create a “Dummies” cover here.

Xerox Wired Cover
Create a “Wired” magazine cover right at your fingertips!