May 4 – 8, 2009

Please post your initiatives. Thank you!

About dasato

Aloha mai kakou! I am Darrin Sato of the Instructional Technology Services team at Kamehameha Schools. Our goal is to collaborate with K-12 teachers to define and implement effective strategies to enhance and support pedagogy and curriculum with technology.

8 thoughts on “May 4 – 8, 2009

  1. 1. Facilitate 1-1 Core Team Meeting
    2. Facilitate Social Studies Classroom Laptop Policies Meeting
    3. Assist Sharonda with 1-1 Newsletter

  2. 1. KMS hard drive distribution and training.
    2. iCan Cafe session on photoshop.
    3. KMS AV equiment collection and inventory.

  3. 1. ICRE Meeting with Gayle Yamami
    2. ITMD Pilot Meeting with Tina and Mimi
    3. ESS Leadership Meeting at WCC

  4. 1. Podcasting Training-Lama
    2. Laptop Rolling MTG-L. Seto/Nagatani/ERD
    3. iWeb Support-Kauila

  5. 1.KES replacements for 09-10 meeting.
    2. ITMD evaluation meeting.
    3. KES electronic grade and progress report meeting.

  6. 1. SASI Update Meeting w/ BAŹ»s
    2. Blackboard Training-E. Aizaki, Math
    3. Boarding Website update-Keopuolani Dorm, C. Matsuzaki, DA

  7. 1. PC – Mac transition with PE Dept.

    2. Podcasting Support – Keanini

    3. 1:1 Summer Curriculum Mtg.

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