March 2-6, 2009

Please post your initiatives. Thank you!

About dasato

Aloha mai kakou! I am Darrin Sato of the Instructional Technology Services team at Kamehameha Schools. Our goal is to collaborate with K-12 teachers to define and implement effective strategies to enhance and support pedagogy and curriculum with technology.

9 thoughts on “March 2-6, 2009

  1. 1. Google Earth project planning meeting w/ Momi Akana.
    2. TurnItIn training for ‘Ohe Team and students.
    3. Schedule ECE training w/ ERD and draw up new contract.

  2. 1. HLC Survey Tricampus-Test & Go Live
    2. ETS-I HS Team Mtg
    3. L.Park-Math Website support

  3. 1. ITMD Pilot – Meetings with Darrin, Tina and Chandell
    2. Meet with Darrell – MLP
    3. iMovie project reflection/support – D. Woolsey

  4. 1. Elluminate: Orientation, Project Planning – L. Tavares
    2. Elluminate: Orientation – (Kim’s team)
    3. ITMD Pilot – Meeting with Mimi

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