Welcome to Kamehameha Boarding!

Aloha mai kakou!

Welcome to the Boarding Program at Kamehameha High School Kapalama!

During the school year, nearly 385 high school students board on campus. Most of them come from the Neighbor Islands, some from O’ahu and a few from the mainland. Along with the resident staff, they form Kamehameha’s boarding community.

The Boarding Program is a quality residential learning community for Kamehameha Schools students who live on the Kapalama campus. The program is a safe and nurturing environment:

* grounded in Christian and Hawaiian value

* designed to foster student efforts to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful

* rich with opportunities for students and staff to be of service to others.

This is in keeping with the Trustees’ Mission:

Kamehameha’s Schools’ mission is to fulfill Pauahi’s desire to create educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry.


As we wind down this school year, I would like to share an awesome all-high school boarding picture we took a few weeks ago.

Our Seniors make up our “I” followed by our “M” of Juniors. Our Sophomores are the letter “U” and our awesome Freshmen round out the “A.”

We wish our Seniors all the best as they venture forth into the great wide world!

We are so proud and happy for them and wish them all the success in the world!

Penny Carnival!

On Wednesday the entire high school Boarding ʻohana had a blast at our annual Penny Carnival in ʻAkahi Dining Hall. There was a DJ playing awesome music the entire night, as well as our fabulous seniors cooking all the kalbi and BBQ chicken as their community service event to give back to Boarding. They did an outstanding job!

Mahalo to Mr.Bento and his DRAC ʻAkahi Special Events Committee for making our Penny Carnival a great success. The kids didnʻt even want to go back to the dorms when the event was over! Iʻll call that a success! 😉

Song Contest coming up!

Hay ʻohana!

Just a reminder that our song contest is coming up on Friday, March 17. Good luck to all of our high school boarders! We look forward to hearing and seeing all the musical performances!

Here is the information taken from http://www.ksbe.edu/songcontest/2017/
Friday, March 17, 2017 | Broadcast pre-show: 6:30 p.m. | Live broadcast: 7:30 p.m. | KGMB


In 2014, the Kamehameha Kapālama High School and Choral Department were gifted by Dr. Michael and Bina Chun, a chest of music belonging to Bina’s grandmother and the prolific composer – Bina Mossman. The chest was filled with dozens of Aunty Bina’s original compositions, sheet music, lyrical notes and choral arrangements.

Independent, strong, and servant leader are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about Bina Mossman. As an influential and progressive Hawaiian woman of her time, Aunty Bina is best known for her musical and political contributions to Hawai‘i. Born the year the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown and during an era where song fests and glee clubs were still inspired by Hawaiian royalty, Bina Mossman was the first person to create an all-Hawaiian girls glee club. Mentored by Queen Lili‘uokalani, the elegant Bina Mossman Women’s Glee Club would entertain throughout Hawai‘i and abroad. As a champion for women and children rights, Bina Mossman’s political career spans various prominent positions in the Territorial Legislature, the Hawaiian Homes Commission, the Republican National Committeewoman of Hawai‘i and local Hawaiian Civic Clubs. With a lifetime devoted to Hawaiian music some of Aunty Bina’s best known songs include, “Niu Haohao,” “He Ono,” and “Stevedore Hula”.

To celebrate the extraordinary life and rich musical heritage of one of Hawai‘i’s pillars of Hawaiian music, we honor the music of Bina Mossman in the Kamehameha Schools 97th Annual Song Contest.


7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Oli Ho‘okipa
Ho‘onani I Ka Makua Mau
Hawai‘i Pono‘ī
‘Ōlelo Ho‘okipa

Ho‘okūkū O Nā Kāne
Boys’ Competition

Ho‘okūkū O Nā Wāhine
Girls’ Competition

Ho‘okūkū O Nā Papa
Combined Class Competition

Nā Papa I Hui Pū ‘Ia
Combined Classes (Mass Numbers)
I Mua Kamehameha!
Kamehameha Waltz


Hā‘awi Makana
Presentation of Awards

Ka Hīmeni Kula
Alma Mater

Ka Waiho‘olu‘u O Nā Papa
Papa 12: ke‘oke‘o (white)
Papa 11: ‘ula‘ula (red)
Papa 10: ‘āhinahina (gray)
Papa 9: ‘ōma‘oma‘o (green)