Welcome to Kamehameha Boarding!

Aloha mai kakou!

Welcome to the Boarding Program at Kamehameha High School Kapalama!

During the school year, nearly 385 high school students board on campus. Most of them come from the Neighbor Islands, some from O’ahu and a few from the mainland. Along with the resident staff, they form Kamehameha’s boarding community.

The Boarding Program is a quality residential learning community for Kamehameha Schools students who live on the Kapalama campus. The program is a safe and nurturing environment:

* grounded in Christian and Hawaiian value

* designed to foster student efforts to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful

* rich with opportunities for students and staff to be of service to others.

This is in keeping with the Trustees’ Mission:

Kamehameha’s Schools’ mission is to fulfill Pauahi’s desire to create educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry.

Working out at Ka’ahumanu!

After we received the “all clear” that Hurricane Lane was no longer a threat, our boarders were treated to some gym time to work off their time stuck safe in the dorms.

Our dorm advisor, Mr. Rabut, graciously opened the gym for our students to work out and get their wiggles out. 
Our students also participated in fun evening activities and games for their weekend activities. Mahalo to Mr.Lum and Ms. Punua for engaging our students in fun activities. Also, mahalo to all the dorm advisors for making lemonade out of lemons and doing fun activities with their captive audiences in the dorms so help pass the time and bond with their dorm mates.

Beautiful weather during Hurricane Lane

We were ready, safe and waiting for Hurricane Lane to come, but we were blessed to have beautiful sunsets and weather and a little bit of wind and rain here on campus.

Our students were safe and well-fed while we waited in our safe, cozy dorms for the weather to pass.
Mahalo to our Operations, Flik (Chef Dean and Alex- they’re amazing and just the best!!!) and Security for all their support and hard work to keep our boarders safe! They are just amazing!
Mahalo to our Kaleiopapa Dorm boys for stepping up and helping out our Naeole Hale brothers as they helped our entire community with their dish room services. We truly appreciate their hard work! Mahalo to their dorm advisors for also donning the rubber boots, hair nets, and plastic aprons and getting in there with their boys to get the dishes clean!