Welcome to Kamehameha Boarding!

Aloha mai kakou!

Welcome to the Boarding Program at Kamehameha High School Kapalama!

During the school year, nearly 385 high school students board on campus. Most of them come from the Neighbor Islands, some from O’ahu and a few from the mainland. Along with the resident staff, they form Kamehameha’s boarding community.

The Boarding Program is a quality residential learning community for Kamehameha Schools students who live on the Kapalama campus. The program is a safe and nurturing environment:

* grounded in Christian and Hawaiian value

* designed to foster student efforts to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful

* rich with opportunities for students and staff to be of service to others.

This is in keeping with the Trustees’ Mission:

Kamehameha’s Schools’ mission is to fulfill Pauahi’s desire to create educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry.

Convocation Sunday


We all came together as an entire campus to meet for the 129th annual Convocation Sunday held at the Bishop Memorial Chapel on our beautiful campus here at Kapalama. Our entire community came together in our Sunday best to start off our school year on the right foot. We heard the wise words of our leader, Mr.Kim as he encouraged us to embrace change and sharpen our skills and character, as “iron sharpens iron.”  In the face of change and tough work, we can either quit or have our character strengthened through these challenges.


Hurricane Drill

This past Saturday we held our annual hurricane drill so that all of our boarding students are safe and prepared in case of an emergency. Mahalo to the Operations crew for helping us carry out this drill!

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Here are our middle school girls finding shelter with Kapuaiwa Dorm as they hunker down in Kamehameha Dormitory for the drill. They were all good company!

Aloha Games

Our High School Boarding came together in the passing mists of Kapalama heights to engage in friendly camaraderie as they competed by dorms against each other in fun games.

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Congratulations to ‘Iolani Dorm and Kapuaiwa Dorm for being the overall winners of our annual Aloha Games!

Happy New (School) Year & Welcome!

Aloha and welcome to our new school year! We are already getting into the groove and swing of things here on our Kapalama campus. We are happy and excited to welcome our new 9th, new 10-12th graders, and well as welcoming back our boarders who have been with us last year. It’s always an exciting time to meet new boarders as well as to see the changes in our returning boarders. Many of our students have grown and matured over the 2 short months of summer!





Welcome, welcome!

The End is Near!

Hang in there, folks! The end of the school year 2014-2015 is fast approaching! Although many students are battling fatigue and senioritis, we are continuing to encourage all of our students to finish strong and fight all the way to the end!

Final exams are around the corner. Final exams start on Tuesday, May 19, and end on Thursday morning, May 21. Quiet hours in the dorms begin after school on Monday, May 18 for students so they can concentrate on their studies; these quiet hours end on Thursday morning after the end of the last final exam.

All underclassmen will return home to their happy families for the summer and our seniors will get ready for Baccalaureate on Saturday, May 23, and Commencement (graduation) on Sunday, May 24 at the Neal Blaisdell Center.

We wish all of our boarders a great summer, and “the skyʻs the limit!” to our seniors upon graduation! I MUA to all!